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Chip Array LED On-camera Light
◆ Chip Array LED technology
◆ Single shadow, glareless
◆ Super high CRI =97
◆ 30W, 1300Lux @ 1 meter, dimmable
◆ 60° wide beam angle, equally spread
◆ Fresnel lens, raise to 4000Lux@1m
◆ 2700K-5600K continuously adjustable
◆ 6-17V wide input voltage
◆ D-tap power lead
◆ Glass Fiber strong and durable housing
◆ Screw and cold shoe mount
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Chip Array LED

New generation LED technology

S-2060 is a new light of SWIT Chip Array LED family, of flagship design and features.
Chip Array LED is the SWIT unique new generation LED technology, which integrates the LEDs into a chip with high brightness output but in smaller size, and the most remarkable, it offers a equally spread, soft, non-glaring light. It is called “the halogen bulb feeling LED technology”, and will be more suitable for ENG on-camera lighting.


Super High CRI

Color Rendering Index value: 97

CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source. Max value Ra=100.
The normal LED light has Ra 80-85 CRI, while S-2060 offers the super high CRI value of Ra 97, comparable to the traditional halogen bulb light, and will not lose the object original colors.


1300Lux high illuminance

Area light source

S-2060 generate 1300Lux center illuminance at 1 meter distance, equivalent to a 110W halogen bulb.
And the Chip Array LED generate a area light source, more equal and soft than the LED bulb array, and people will not feel glaring when being close interviewed.



60° Wider Beam Angle

Equally spread lights, no visible beam edge

The traditional LED lights can get a high brightness center light, but will dropped down quickly around, which will generate a visible lighting border in the image.
In comparison, the S-2060 Chip Array LED generates a 60° wider beam angle, equally spread from the center to edge, and suitable for HD shooting.







Fresnel Focus Lens

Raise the center illuminance to 4000Lux

S-2060 offers a Fresnel focus lens, to increase the center illuminance to 4000Lux, and the beam angle will be contracted to 23°.




10-100% Dimmable

One knob revolve

The dimmer knob is on the rear panel of the light, and can be adjust from 10% to 100% illuminance.
The light output is flick free when dimming, and color temperature stays stable.

Color Temperature Adjust

2700K-5600K continuously adjustable

The S-2060 has bi-color Chip Array LEDs, and the color temperature can be continuously adjusted from 2700K to 5600K, by revolving the knob on the rear panel of the light.

6-17V Wide Voltage Power Supply

The S-2060 accepts 6-17V wide voltage input, so you can get power from 14.4V V-mount/Gold Mount batteries or 7.2V DV batteries.
The light package goes with a D-tap to pole-tap cable (S-7104), to plug into the DC-IN port of S-2060 and get power from D-tap power output sockets, such as batteries, battery plates, or camera handle. You can also select SWIT pole-tap to pole-tap DC cable (S-7108) to get power from pole-tap DC adaptors.




Easy Installation

Both cold-shoe and screw

S-2060 can be fixed on camera via 1/4” screw head, and the
package also goes with a spare cold shoe part for
users to change the screw connector to cold shoe.





Tilt Angle Adjustment

When installed on ENG cameras, the light head angle can be adjusted forward and backward, up and down, by the connection rod base.

Bayonet mount barn doors

Removable and interchange
with color filter or diffuser cover

S-2060 has 4 leaf all metal barn doors, strong and durable.
The barn doors are bayonet mount design, can be revolve and take down like camera lens. S-2060 will provide color filter and diffuser cover accessories to be installed on.

Standard Package

S-2060 package includes:
1x D-tap to Pole DC power cable (S-7104)
1x Spare cold-shoe base
1x Portable bag

About the Chip Array LED

LED has taken place of Halogen bulb at broadcast on-camera light several years ago, for its high efficient output, low power consumption and long life. However, due to the obvious disadvantage of glaring, multiple shadows and shining, people are still thinking of the Halogen bulb that can feed soft light. Now SWIT has brought out the new LED technology into on-camera lighting, called Chip Array LED light, which integrates the LEDs into a chip, with high brightness output but in smaller size, and the most remarkable, it offers a equally spread, soft, glareless light that similar to the traditional Halogen bulb light.



Glareless light, Single Shadow

The traditional LED array always generates several highlight pots on retina and people will feel glaring, even can’t recover sight until a few seconds. In comparison, SWIT Chip Array LED has only one bulb in appearance, and output a non-glaring, single shadow light, suitable for close interview shooting.

The Beam Angle Comparison

The traditional LED lights use lens to converge and get a higher brightness, as s result, the effective lighting scale is limited. Normally we say if the illuminance drops to a half, it is considered ineffective lighting scale. So according to the illuminance-scale chart, in 1 meter lighting distance, the traditional lens converged LED light has only 600mm diameter scale, about 33° beam angle, while SWIT chip array LED light covered 1000mm diameter scale, about 60° beam angle. Moreover, the lens converged light has higher brightness in the center, but dropped down quickly around, which will generate a visible lighting border in the image and that is unbearable for cameras.

Input voltageDC 6V-17V
Power consumption30W
Halogen equivalent110W
Beam angleH60°/ V60°
Color temperature2700K-5600K continuous adjustment
Color rendering index97
Illuminance1300Lux @ 1m (without lens)
4000Lux @ 1m (with lens)
Power connectorD-tap cable
Working temperature-10℃~+40℃
Storage temperature-20℃~+55℃
WeightApprox 530g


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